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Cultural project for artistic research and community development, located in a rural setting, on the shores of the Mar Menor.

La Cuadra

Resignifying a space with memory

Located in the village of Los Nietos Viejos, La Cuadra emerges as a special corner in the housing complex of a family home. In the beginning, this space housed animals as a stable, but over time, it evolved, becoming a garage, dining room, meeting point, storage room and, later, an improvised rehearsal room.

Despite its multiple adaptations, La Cuadra maintained its original name, a living testimony of its rich history. Preserving this name connects us with the past, allowing us to redefine it in a positive way. For our grandparents, La Cuadra was the shelter for animals, an essential source for their sustenance. Today, it represents a space where we feed and care for activities that sustain our days.

This former family stable has been converted into a place dedicated to art and culture. Here, we understand culture as a space for dialogue, reflection, crafts, health and creative encounters with others. La Cuadra is not only part of our house, but it also opens towards the town, contributing positively to the community. At La Cuadra, we celebrate the evolution of this space that, over time, has flourished as a vibrant haven for art and culture.

Our mission

The La Cuadra project is committed to the cultural revitalization of the surroundings of Los Nietos and the Mar Menor. We want to become a vibrant center where culture and art converge to drive vitality and connection in our community. We strive to foster a space that celebrates diversity, stimulates creativity and nurtures the human spirit.

Our mission is to provide a cultural sanctuary where artistic expressions flourish, serving as a catalyst for the exchange of ideas, inspiration and collaboration. Likewise, we seek to be a unique meeting point, where the local and the international can meet.

At La Cuadra, we believe in the power of artistic expression to transcend barriers, spark meaningful conversations, and catalyze positive change. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment where everyone can explore, learn and grow through art, thereby contributing to the continued flourishing of our community in the vast space of creative possibilities and international connections.

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La Cuadra is a meeting space between art and crafts, the traditional and the innovative, the local and the international, between young and old.